Mercy Wings was formed in 1990 by two American missionaries; Jerry Wiley, Jerry Witt and a Mexican national Alex Fedorenko. The vision of this ministry is to reach the physically unreachable with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Originally, there were 2 Cessna 182's, a Cessna 180, and a Stinson in the fleet.

These men use their planes to help various ministry teams reach remote areas of Mexico, including Medical Brigades, which were organized in 1994 to reach out to the Indigenous peoples of Mexico. Medical teams, such as doctors, dentists, and nurses, are flown into remote areas where the airplane is the only way to gain access. On many occasions Indians in very serious conditions are flown to larger cities for medical care. After many trips and level of trust has been developed, Gospel films are shown and the Gospel shared.

Additionally, thousands of short-wave solar powered radio receivers are dropped from the airplanes by parachute into these remote mountain areas. The Gospel is heard in Spanish 12 hours per day over these " Go Ye " radios. Many testimonies have been received from these Indian people that have received a radio.

Mercy Wings was featured in the Charisma Christian magazine in July 2002.

Utilizing planes such as the Cessna 182, our aviation ministry carries the Gospel to regions inaccessible by vehicle.

Contact us, if you would like to be involved in a medical brigade or support this part of the ministry.

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