WOW!!! Just realizing how long it's been since we've sent news.

We appreciate all those who have called concerned about our safety. I must say it's a different Mexico these days. I did receive some threatening phone calls which were very unsettling at the time but then learned that our whole city was receiving the same calls which were just a hoax. I've personally witnessed some gun fights among the mafia and cartel groups here in our little town.

The problem is among the cartel groups struggling for power to be in control of all the trafficking of drugs throughout our region. These groups simply tell you not to get involved and if you see a break out just tend to your own business. So we simply go about our work for the Lord and pray for HIS wisdom and guidance. Thank GOD for His protection and for helping us stay out of the crossfire. Again, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND CONCERN FOR THIS MINISTRY.


In the mist of all the cartel problems, GOD'S GRACE has certainly been manifest. We have had great services and have seen over 15 come to know Christ as Savoir!!!

The “ENCOUNTER” meetings have been a great success and many lives are being changed. The teenage boys just finished their encounter which is a 3 day shut in with an anointed shower of HIS spirit and these 28 kids came out pumped up for the LORD. The cost for each person to attend an encounter is $68 ($800 pesos). The teenage girls will be having theirs in a couple weeks and we are lacking the funds for the 10 girls here at Eagles' Nest. If you'd like to be a sponsor for one (or more) of the girls please send an ear marked check to this ministry. It will be seed well sown!!



Ole' Betsy (our Cessna 182) is running way behind schedule for getting back in the air. There have been some set backs but all looks well for launch next week on April 8 th. Lord willing. We are ready to get back to dropping the GO YE radios among our Indian friends and visiting them on a regular basis.

Our Cessna 172, which I've been flying mostly for travels, is FOR SALE. You or someone you know may be interested in buying it and the money will help with the Mercy Wings ministry. Let us know if you need details. THANKS.


With the economy making it tough for everyone there, we too are feeling the affects here, being totally dependent on you as HIS hands extended. If you are not a sponsor in this ministry of the Lord, we invite you to prayerfully consider it. Knowing GOD'S blessings will be upon you as he multiplies it back to you.


In HIS service for “OTHERS”,

Jerry & Pat Wiley

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