1.-To reach out to souls in this area of Mexico who are in need of salvation by preaching and teaching the WORD of GOD in the local church and by ministering to physical needs with food, clothing and medical supplies whenever possible.

2.-To reach out to underprivileged children by means of an orphanage by giving them a great place to receive care, instruction, education, food, clothing and a place to call home.

3.-To establish churches in the remote villages and provide support for the Native Pastors who are laboring in these regions for the furtherance of the Gospel.

4.-To network with other ministries already established in Mexico to reach out to the Indigenous people with medical and dental brigades and minister the Gospel to those that are scattered throughout the most remote Sierra Madre Mountains which can only be accessed by airplane.

5.-To establish a Kindergarten through 12 th grade Christian school to offer the best education for the youth here in this region of Mexico.

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